Posted by: hyacinthus | September 11, 2007

Teach me how to cut a Pineapple!

We love to eat pineapple especially one that is ripe, fragrant, juicy and sweet!

But, how do you cut a pineapple with nice diagonal grooves on it? Here’s the instruction card that comes with the pineapple.

Still, I don’t know how to. If I were to try, probably cut it into halves and dig out the meat???

Leyla said she would do it.

“Oh really? Cannot cut first! Wait for me!”

So, quickly I grabbed a camera and photographed the pineapple in a wok before she cuts it up.

“Okay. Now, you can start” Smiling and getting the camera ready.

“Must wayang ah?” She laughed heartily.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t worry… you are not in the picture.” I assured her.

“Step 1 cut the head and tail (of the pineapple)”

“Step 2 take out the skin” As skilful as she could be, the skin was removed within a minute of effort.


“Step 3 cut the eyes. If you eat the eyes, it will bite your tongue”

I see. No wonder there were diagonal patterns. Leyla told me that a pineapple of this size would have about 8 grooves when all the eyes were removed.



Last step is easy. Just cut it into horizontal pieces (cut away the centre core part) and serve as shown in the first picture!

Now, I know how to cut a pineapple correctly 🙂

Anyone has tried before?


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