Posted by: hyacinthus | September 11, 2007

Lim Kee Banana Fritters

This stall used to be at Somerset Road next to SP building. That explains why it says (Orchard) Banana Fritters on its paper bag. 

Tapioca Kueh Fritter (S$0.60), Banana Fritter (S$1) and Green Bean Fritter (S$0.60)

There’s also sweet potato fritter (S$0.60).

I only like banana and green bean ones.

Suitable for vegetarians as they use only vegetable-based cooking oil.

Lim Kee (Orchard) Banana Fritters
Maxwell Food Centre
Stall 61



  1. hey me saw your blog from belinda’s blog. u always post such nice pictures of food that u always make me hungry! =)

  2. want to learn taking food pics? 🙂

  3. Anyone knows where to find the 3-in-1 fried nian gao. I know old airport rd got one stall named 吃爽爽. The 3-in-1 means that the nian gao is sandwiched with a slice of sweet potato and a slice of yam. The fried durian is nice too.

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