Posted by: hyacinthus | September 9, 2007

Remember the Popular Bird Arena at Tiong Bahru?

It has now become part of The Link hotel.

The hotel encourages bird enthuasiasts to gather in the new bird arena – the conserved yellow structure seen in the following picture. However, it lacked the nostalgic vibe and it might take a while for people to get used to it. 

The Link has 2 buildings and they are linked by a bridge (currently, it’s not completed yet).

It is one of the examples how Government finds a commercial and viable mean to preserve a piece of heritage so that it can be sustainable over long run. The conservation work of the pre-war SIT (Singapore Improvement Trust) flats is purely conserving the facade.

This is the front of the old flats before The Link was completed.

Conservation of the facade

I think it’s not easy wanting to preserve something so old and structurally unsound in land-scarce Singapore and at taxpayers’ expense. Though, there are alot of empty plots of land in Singapore, few have real economic value and are near the city.

Furthermore, buildings are like people. They both will age and problems will start to surface eventually. Regular maintenance and replacement of faulty parts is necessary. Gradually over time, people in that era will die and the building will be totally different from it used to be.  

Pictures are probably the best way to capture the times of the past.



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