Posted by: hyacinthus | September 9, 2007

Do you know what is Loo Goo Mung Suk?

It’s a tropical fruit. But, I don’t know what is its actual name.

“Loo Goo Mung Suk” is merely how it sounded from the fruit seller 🙂

Cost S$2 per kg at a fruit stall in Tanglin Halt behind the new Commonwealth 40-storey flats.

Very sweet and Boy Boy likes it too! 🙂



  1. actually the name is DUKU (i dunno where the mung suk) comes from.
    why do chinese people keep calling it loogoo. its nottt. its DUKU, pronounced as DOO-KOO.

  2. Hi incywincy!

    Is Duku a malay word?

    I believe “loo goo mung suk” probably evolved from Langsat? Also, it’s different from “duku” which is bigger in size but has slight sourish taste.

  3. there u have it!

    it is actually called duku langsat in malay. 🙂

    i like it too, but some can be really sour..while some are SWEET!

  4. Hi mr malique,

    i believe langsat is sweeter than duku or duku langsat.

    Langsat has thinner skin while duku has thicker skin.

  5. Is the fruit still in season in January?

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