Posted by: hyacinthus | September 5, 2007

What’s at Remaking Heartland Exhibition?

I’ve just seen HDB’s Remaking Heartland website and thought it would be easier to put their e-Exhibition files and videos here for ease of viewing and reference. (ActiveX contents are blocked by our corporate firewall)

Part I:     Regenerating Old Estates

> Introduction 

> Dawson Estate As An Example

> New Generation Public Housing

> Building Communities

> Integrated Facilities

> Seamless Connectivity

> Translate Ideas Into Exciting Proposals

> Site A Design Model by Surbana International Consulting

> Site B Design Model by WOHA Architects

> Site C Design model by SCDA Architects

Part II:   Rejuvenating Committees in Middle-Age Estates 

> Introduction

> Yishun – Past, Present & Vision

> Revitalisation of Town Centre

> Enjoying Great Outdoors

> More Housing Choice

> Preserving History

> Improve Accessibility to Yishun

> Yishun Model

> Yishun Fly-thru Video

Part III: Realising the Vision for New Estates 

> Introduction

> Punggol – Past, Present & Vision

> Bringing Waters Closer to Residents

> Punggol Town Centre 

> Punggol Fly-though Video 

> Offering More Housing Choices

> Building Up the Critical Mass

> Activating the Recreation Coastal Line

> Enhancing Connectivity

> Punggol Model

Part IV: Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

> HIP and NRP Map

> Greater Flexibility

> What is in HIP

> How HIP works

> Sample Door

> Integrated Wash Basin – Toilet Pedestal System 

> Choice and Costs 

Part V: Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP)

> What is NRP? 

> How NRP works 

> Share Your Views, Pick Your Favourites 

> Your Views Count 

> Video


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