Posted by: hyacinthus | September 5, 2007

Sick Again… My 10th MC this year :(

Just came back from clinic.

I’m sick again.

Started last Monday and became worse over the weekend.

If I fall sick, it’s always flu – tearing, coughing fit, red eyes, running nose and many sleepless nights.

I’m vulnerable to flu virus and it takes weeks plus several trips to the doctor to recover. Where possible, I’ll try to avoid people who are down with flu. Office temperature is too cold and I had the air vent above my workstation sealed already. Exercising regularly and taking Scott’s Emulsion. What else can I do? Doctor said there’s no need for me to take flu shot and I would be taken care of.

I dislike falling sick 😦



  1. I know how it feels. Very restless and you can’t do anything as you’re right mind. 😦



  2. Sorry-mistake. It should be “Very restless and you can’t do anything because you’re not in your right mind” and not “Very restless and you can’t do anything as you’re right mind” . Sorry for the mistake:D



  3. Oh no… take care and rest more ok? Hope you’ll get well soon

  4. Thanks all. 🙂

    I felt better after taking the medication and slept in the afternoon. applying eyedrops eased the incessant flow of tears and pain at the eye corners. perspiration and not switching on air-con helped much too.

    Let me recover fast this time round.

  5. Do you have a low immune system or something..Normally a flu takes only about 3 days to recover. Plus the fact that you said that you occasionally catch the flu bug…



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