Posted by: hyacinthus | September 4, 2007

Where did Natwest Centre Go?

19 March 2005 

12 Apr 2007

24 Aug 2007

The building was demolished this year to make way for a 43-storey condo development – The Clift (by Far East Organization). Many old buildings in the Central Business District are currently being redeveloped for residential use as the trend now is to live in the city. Natwest Centre had the first Watsons store on its ground floor in 1988 – early part of 1997.

Asia Chambers Building in the background will also face the same fate soon (notice the blue netting?). Do you remember there was a Singapore Pools betting centre on its ground floor for over 20 years?

In the early 1980s, many shophouses were demolished in the city centre to make way for office buildings and people were relocated to HDB flats on the outskirts. In the 1990s, more skyscrapers (e.g. Republic Plaza and UOB Plaza One) were built and more shophouses were zoned for conservation – forming a more compact and unique skyline. Starting after mid 2000s, older office buildings had to make way for new high-rise luxury residential developments in the city centre.

It’s no wonder that Singapore’s skyline changes every 10 years.



  1. Wow! The skyline is changing fast.

  2. Quite sad to see these buildings go. But we’re seeing new, tall and sleek buildings:D



  3. It’s a pity to see buildings ‘of that time’ slowly being over taken by new modern buildings. S’pore is changing kind of a bit too fast I guess… By the way, great capture of the building sequence, but it’s sad to see a striking building *poof*…

  4. Hi YS,

    Perhaps, if people don’t see that building everyday, they wouldn’t feel for it. I am sure there are Singaporeans who didn’t even know Natwest Centre has ever existed.


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