Posted by: hyacinthus | September 4, 2007

Singapore Skyline taken on 6 Oct 1990

I was finding an old photo when I saw this.  

Do you remember how Singapore skyline was like in 1990?

Can you name the “new” buildings that were not built then? e.g. One Raffles Quay, Icon, Prudential Tower, UOB Plaza One, Republic Plaza etc? 😉



  1. I can see Temasek Tower and OUB Centre in the background!



  2. gosh… it’s been years since i see photos like this.
    i see westin hotel 😀

  3. @xinyun

    Westin Hotel is not seen in the pic.

    But, you are right that it existed then 😉

  4. I think xinyun mistook Temasek Tower as Westin Hotel.



  5. Wow… cool. I can see the integrated resort.

  6. IR, are you out of your mind? This picture was taken in 1990!



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