Posted by: hyacinthus | September 3, 2007

Teochew Hawker Fare for Lunch?

珍姐甜品 #02-113
Amoy Food Centre

I have never liked traditional teochew desserts from food courts. They are expensive and lacked the true goodness.

Only buy them from food centres and from those really good ones like this stall in Amoy Food Centre which sells good ah balling desserts.

I bought Ginger Soup with 6 different flavoured glutinous rice balls (S$1.50) and yam paste with steamed gingko nuts and pumpkin (S$2.50).

If I’m not wrong, all her desserts are made suitable for vegetarian’s consumption.

The Ginger Soup was boiled with sweet potatoes making it really good for a rainy day. There are other choices to go with the ah balling – peanut soup, osmanthus soup, pandan soup etc. 7 flavours of ah balling in all to go with different soup varieties – lotus, red bean, black sesame, peanut, green tea, coffee and yam. I like peanut, black sesame and green tea most. Green tea tastes special as it leaves a nice lingering green tea aftertaste.

汤圆+姜汤 Glutinous Rice Balls (or ah balling) and Ginger Soup at S$1.50 (Need to check as I forgot how much was the ginger soup)  

I didn’t bite it. Used a spoon to halve all so that you can see the fillings inside.


金瓜白果芋泥 – Yam Paste with steamed Gingko Nuts and Pumpkin at S$2.50

She didn’t use too much sugar or any lard in this dessert. I like it. But, if you prefer full-flavoured yam paste, I wouldn’t recommend this.

猪猪潮洲肉碎面 #02-101
Amoy Food Centre

Teochew Minced Pork Noodles with Fried Dumpling at S$3 for takeaway. I should have told the cook not to add pig liver… I hate it… Thus, I didn’t finish this…




  1. Looks yummy 😉



  2. Hyacinthus, did you know of a very nice prawn noodles somewhere near Citylights? It’s called Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee. I’d love to see how much you rate it out of 5. It’s really good IMO.



  3. hmmm… Think I have eaten before about 5 years ago.

    Near Citylights meh? I thought it’s nearer to Geylang or Kallang MRT station?

  4. Well, it’s somewhere opposite those green and blue NEW-looking HDB flats. It occupies the ground floor of a building, and there is little parking sapce. If I’m not wrong, there is bus interchange in front of it.
    Quite close to Citylights IMO. And whats your rating out of 5?

    cheers 😀


  5. erm… it’s so long ago.

    Maybe, I’ll try again some day and post it here 🙂

  6. Better not eat so much. Prawn mee is very unhealthy.



  7. where exactly is amoy food centre? is it the same as amoy street food centre?

  8. Ya think it’s the same.
    Amoy Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road. Lots of good food there. 🙂

  9. Hyacinthus has many reports on food stalls at Amoy Food Centre! And the mostly get above 2.5 out of 5 for ratings:)



  10. Cos the really good ones have super long queues and you need to have the patience and time to queue and buy the food.

  11. Which hyacinthus has! 🙂



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