Posted by: hyacinthus | September 3, 2007

Help Me Mummy!

I’m scared of bugs!!! Eeeek!

Laying eggs in my toilet!!!!



  1. The eggs look like waterbabies..



  2. ekssss looks so disgusting… i am afraid of bugs too…..

  3. Oh yucks!! What is that??

  4. i don’t know… it’s about 2.5cm long.

  5. Hyacinthus, did you kill it? Squash it?

  6. no… I wouldn’t dare to.

    My brave daddy helped me to dispose it! 🙂

  7. oh god, i hate these bugs!

    smash one, and your room will stink of its guts for a night! I wonder what are they called, are they like a subspecies of cockroaches?

  8. i’m not sure what it’s called and it’s my first time seeing it. it’ll stink? good thing my dad merely used toilet paper to wrap it before flushing it away.

    cockroach???? Eeekkkk!

  9. It’s one of those bugs that when squashed, the “scent” will linger in your room for as long as god knows it. I think it’s either it’s body fluid or it’s blood.



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