Posted by: hyacinthus | September 2, 2007

Let’s Walk to Orchard!

After a calorie-laden dinner at Mingles yesterday, RC suggested that we walk. So, I proposed that we walk to Orchard from Novena. Eventually, we walked a bit further than that to Somerset station. This is nothing compared to walking from Novena to Suntec City and then to Little India or walking around Kallang-Geylang Bahru area then to Esplanade. We walked alot and like to see Singapore from the ground and tallest floor of every possible building.

I happened to have my Nikon D80 with me as I had taken some pictures of a Dragon Boat event at Yishun in the afternoon.

Some pictures taken along the way.

Newton Suites – by award winning WOHA architects and developed by UOL. The penthouse has a 2-storey high canopy! Its view is towards Macritchie Reservoir.

Hakka Methodist Church. There’re many churches in Novena. Saw at least 5.

Wing Tai’s new 32-storey development. It’s on an enbloc-ed site.

I like this – Newton 18 FH condo development by Wing Tai. The facade on this side is better than the other side.

Zooming into its sky garden.

That’s the other side of Newton 18. Not as glassy. But, it blends with The Amaryllis from this angle.

The Amaryllis – A 99-year LH also by Wing Tai.

There’s a church next to Newton 18.

Elmira Heights – Ho Bee Investment bought Elmira Heights at Newton Road for S$279 million (or S$990psf/ppr).

To get across to Newton station, we need to use this underpass. Looks eerie, isn’t it??? hehe…

After getting across to the other side of the road, there was a strong smell of BBQ and fried hawker food wafting through the air from the Newton Circus Food Centre.  We walked past a large empty field where the 15-year-lease transitional office site was sold to Scotts Spazio Pte Ltd for S$37,000,098 recently.

Do you have any impression of how Hotel Asia looked like? It has been acquired by The Ascott Group as part of their expansion drive in Singapore to up its number of service apartments from 800 to 25,000 by 2010. Its most recent acquisition is 99-year leasehold service residence at Wilkie Road for S$79.3 million and would be naming it “Citadines Singapore Mount Sophia”.

Currently, Hotel Asia is under wraps and due for demolition.

Picture from TripAdvisor

Some black-and-while colonial bungalows along Scotts road. Singapore Land Authority is managing these bungalows.

This huge one is rented by SK II to service its clients on beauty-related services like facial and spa.

The front.

I think this is an art house? Not sure.

Anyone has noticed a digital clock on top of Far East Plaza? Wondering why isn’t it going for enbloc as well?

Good old dame – Goodwood Park Hotel

*By the time I reached Goodwood Park Hotel, it was already too dark to take pictures without a tripod. So, no pictures after this*

Scotts Shopping Centre is gone for good. It’s making way for a 43-storey FH luxury condo development – Scotts Square, which is sandwiched between the Grand Hyatt and Marriott hotels.

The developer constructed a very brightly-lit covered walkway in front of the Scotts Square construction site.  The feeling it gave was like walking through a shopping centre. Does not make one feel like they are walking next to a construction site at all. Thumbs up for the developer (Wheelock Properties)! 🙂

Stopped by Marriott Hotel and we food-tasted Marriott’s mooncakes. Not bad. I bought Marriott’s Snowskin Durian and Blueberry cheese mooncakes (Durian’s good for my older folks who simply hated cheese). RC then pointed out to me that the Orchard Ion on top of the Orchard MRT station has finally risen above the ground. 

Good. I can’t wait to visit the observatory on its topmost floors. RC commented that the views would probably be similar to that from Mandarin Hotel’s Observation Lounge on 38th floor (if I remembered correctly).  

Then, we walked further down to Somerset and we parted at Somerset station.

Waiting for a bus home at the bus-stop opposite Phoenix Hotel (which is also under wrap and due for demolishment), I met 2 visually handicapped men. They were waiting for bus number 123 for about 30 min (they told me). It’s bad enough that they cannot see and had to depend on others to keep a lookout for the bus. I guess they were even more frustrated waiting for the bus in the dark!


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