Posted by: hyacinthus | September 1, 2007

Clementi Town Centre – Rejuvenation in Progress

I was walking from Sunset Way to Clementi Town Centre when I noticed how lucky the Clementi residents were.

Look at the luxurious greenery and space for walking / jogging.

Views from a Clementi flat.

More greenery!

Zooming into the city skyline.

Fusionpolis is completing soon. Anyone knows what’re those grey buildings under construction? HDB flat?

Jurong Island in the horizon. I never knew it has such views!

The location of yellow and white flats in the far left is the replacement site for Clementi Ave 4 SERS flats. In about 5 years’ time, you’ll see 40-storey flats sprouting up after these flats and creating new vibrancy in the Clementi Town Centre.  

Rendering of the proposed Clementi Town Centre

Currently, there’s a huge construction site at the Clementi Town Centre. A temporary bus interchange was constructed on a vacant land after the Clementi MRT station. But, this is just temporary inconvenience in exchange for a better living environment.

I do not have much memories of Clementi except to use the bus interchange and to buy reference books at Clementi Book Store in my University days.

Do you still remember the Clementi Book Store? 🙂

Reference: West Coast-Ayer Rajah Town Renewal Exhibition



  1. Ah yes …. good ol’ Clementi. My old neighbourhood. What I miss most is the easy transport connections to anywhere, be it by bus or train.

  2. Hi there,
    my name is Domenico Clementi, I live in Italy and I’m developing (for pure pleasure) a personal internet site with my family name ( mainly in Italian, sorry).
    I decided to dedicate one web page to all Clementi in the world I was able to find through the web:

    Searching the web I found this huge community in Singapore called Clementi (Clementi Town Center, Clementi Primary School, Clementi Mall, etc) and I was wondering if you could give me more information related of why that area is called Clementi.

    Where the Clementi name comes from in your community?

    Maybe some parents from Italy in the past?
    Something else?

    Could you suggest me an e.mail address in Singapore to ask those same questions?

    Sorry for disturbing you with those silly questions…

    I hope to visit you one day…

    Best regards

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