Posted by: hyacinthus | August 31, 2007

Will you be home for dinner?

That’s my mum’s favourite question 🙂

“Yes, I’ll be home tonight”

My dinner.


Where did you have your dinner?



  1. you are lucky you get home cooked food.

    I love the photos here. Thanks for sharing. We lived in Singapore last year and miss things about it.

  2. Hi Fei,

    I do appreciate home cooked food. Though, my mum didn’t prepare it. 😉

    Do come by often. I’ll try to post more Singapore-related pictures 🙂

  3. I happen to chance upon your website when I was searching for “Sunset Way”. I really enjoy the photos that you have put up at your blog and I wish that I can take great photographs like you do. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

    My parents cannot tahan that I take pictures of all the food that I eat. haha… only some of my friends can understand ;p

    you might be interested to know that I’m thinking of conducting a seminar to encourage more people to start on blogging and photography for a Residents Community project that I am currently on.

    Will send the details to your email account once the plan is firm.

    See you around soon! 🙂

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