Posted by: hyacinthus | August 27, 2007

Life is so Fragile…

I am on MC today. Down with flu. Think I got the flu bug from one of the vendors last Thursday.

Perhaps, I should get a flu shot too. This is my second time this year, down with flu.

Taking MC is a sensitive subject in the office. The management takes it seriously and wanted staff to exercise more to reduce the number of MCs taken. I exercise regularly but my body is vulnerable to flu. What to do? I need to take MC to do self quarantine at home and prevent the bug from spreading to my colleagues.

Very often, we were told to perservre and challenge the extremes in sports. However, at what cost?

Yesterday morning, a 25-year-old army captain died after completing a 21-km Singapore Bay Run in 1 1/2 hours. My brother was one of the participants. He told me he was still running at that time when the Army Captain was pronounced dead in a hospital. How tragic. I felt so sad for the army captain and happy that my brother is well and alive after the run.

I told my brother – it’s okay if you are not the first few to complete the race as long as you complete it and come home alive.

Reference: Today Online

——- Other Similar Sad Cases ——

24 Jun 2007 – A 17-year-old Raffles Junior College first-year student died in a triathon
26 Mar 2006 – A 39-year-old Army Colonel died 600m before the finishing line of a Swim-and-Run event
22 Oct 2005 – A 40-year-old Hewlette Packard Product Manager died in a triathon – swimming part of the event. His body was found floating on the sea before he could complete the swim.

Coincidentally, all are athletic males.



  1. […] impressed how Hyacinthus took photos from the newspapers. Really great and clear […]

  2. Like I mentioned in Bel’s blog, we have to look at the environment he is in. “Ren Zai Jiang Hu Shen Bu You Ji”. They are taught, trained and inculcated with core values such as fighting spirit, determination, and alot based on Mind over Body. I am sure the unit does their progressive training prior to the 21km run and it is truly unfortunate. The family has lost a son and the country, A Great Leader.

    My only advise to all is that no one knows your body more than yourself, your body will send you “signals”, “warning” and you are the one to decide what you want to go on from there. See a doctor when in doubt, exercise regularly, proper diet, Treasure your Love Ones. Somethings does not have a 2nd chance.

  3. true. sometimes, I see no logic praying to the dead so many times in a year (apart from family bonding). I believe in treasuring the love ones while they are still alive.

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