Posted by: hyacinthus | August 26, 2007

Rochor Beancurd

I am down with flu today *Sniff*. My brother got me my favourite soya bean curd to cheer me up. So sweet of him, right? 🙂

This is where he bought the soya bean curd from – Rochor Beancurd. It’s a popular place where many Singaporeans knew and patronised. So, why do I want to blog about it? I think the Rochor area is interesting and would recommend tourists as well as Singaporeans to take a walk in that area. 🙂 

Closer look at the conserved shopfront

S$1 per bowl (takeaway) – I like it mixed with soya bean drink.

Portugese Egg Tart – Not bad. Usually, I don’t eat egg tarts. This is alright to finish one. I didn’t buy this. Guess it’s about S$1.20 each?

They also sell Ang Ku Kuey, Han Chee Peng and fried dough fritters etc.

A very affordable place for some desserts in the Rochor area.

How to get there? It’s located in about equal distance from 3 MRT stations. Personally, I would recommend to start from the Little India station as it’s a more interesting route and you would walk past Zhujiao Centre, see Singapore’s conserved shophouses and the red and white selegie house flats along Selegie Road.

Don’t miss the new black and white LaSalle College of the Arts school nearby along Short St. See how it contrast against the red and white Selegie House flats in the background. 

Have fun on foot! 🙂



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