Posted by: hyacinthus | August 24, 2007

Boil Coke with Lemon?

I’ve always preferred Coke. But, never have I tried boiling Coke with Lemon. Yes, Coke without ice and it’s HOT.

Boil Coke with Lemon – S$2.88

There’s a new HongKong styled food cafe opened opposite the ever popular Sakae Sushi at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 – Tong Shui Cafe.

BBQ Chicken Drumstick With Rice, Vegetables, Egg and Salted Duck Egg (comes with 1 goldfish dumpling) – S$7.88

Goldfish Dumpling Soup – S$4.88 (It has 3 in a bigger soup bowl)

Spaghetti with Egg, Hotdog and 2 types of Ham – S$8.88

French Toast topped with Mango Cubes and Maple Syrup – S$4.88

As the name suggests, the cafe’s strength is indeed in the desserts (3.5 out of 5). Definitely, not the main dishes (2 out of 5). At least not those dishes we ordered. Perhaps, it’s the association with Hong Kong cafe food, all prices ended with “88” cents (The number meant to properous in Cantonese). But, why have an egg in almost every dish?



  1. The goldfish dumpling looks too cute to be eaten 🙂 The toast with the mango bits looks really delicious.

  2. Yummiz Yummiz .. do they have another branch apart fr Changi Airport??

  3. @Belle
    The mango bits are both sour and sweet.

    Thank you for coming back and leaving me some comments to read 🙂

    They have listed the branches on their website

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