Posted by: hyacinthus | August 21, 2007

Still Life and Special Effects Photography

Shopping is not my friend’s cup of tea. He would rather wear old discoloured clothes than be caught dead shopping. I think he needs a girlfriend. haha. Hope he never reads this post. 😀

I was trying out clothes at Zara, Vivocity and he was with me after photographying street scenes and shophouse architecture at Jalan Besar. Sensing his uneasiness waiting for me in the store, I paid for a skirt quickly and brought him to PageOne where we browsed separately.

Photography is my playground. I like it spontaneous. It would be a torture if photography is what I do for a living or a work instruction.

Recently, I’m starting on still life photography. Bought this book – Still Life and Special Effects Photography by Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz (they are husband and wife) from PageOne at S$46.01. The book has many practical examples on the setup and interesting lighting techniques to learn. However, I’m not sure if digital SLR can reproduce a decent range of colours that conventional SLR can capture on film.

A very good book if you are keen to learn lighting techniques and still life photography! 🙂


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