Posted by: hyacinthus | August 21, 2007

Forget your EZ-Link card?

“Prepare to Pay More with Cash”

I had left my EZ-Link card in the office yesterday and realised more cash (than what I had expected) was needed to pay for bus and MRT fare using cash. Let me replay the scene.

Boarding a bus at a bus-stop along Farrer Road.

“How much is it to Queenstown station?”


“S$1.10??!! so expensive for a short distance??? why???” (Not that I cannot afford it. But, the journey from MICA to Farrer Road was S$1.30 using cash and the distance was much longer.)

“One more stop. Pay S$0.90 also can.”

“I see. Thanks.”

Here’s my bus ticket.

I was thinking about the fare the entire journey. Checked online and realised the bus driver was right. I have been enjoying discounts using EZ-Link card all these while.

There’s going to be another transport fare hike soon (and people will sure rant about it). Not sure what’s the quantum. There’s definitely room for upward movement – looking at the difference between EZ-Link and Cash fares. 

Perhaps, that’s why people are looking at alternatives like living near workplace so that they can walk on foot or cycle.

I think there’re more cyclists on the road recently.

Will the day arrive where cyclists could have their own lane too? 😀

Regardless, are cyclists allowed on bus lane? Anyone knows?


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