Posted by: hyacinthus | August 21, 2007

Ayam Penyet and Teh Tarik

It’s mostly lunch takeaways for me.

Ayam Power Cuisine
Nasi Ayam Penyet at S$3.50
7 Maxwell Road #02-87
Amoy Food Centre
+65 91819857
PS. They do catering too e.g. Nasi Ayam/Ikan Bawal/Cumi-Cumi/Udang Penyet and Indonesian food.

Challenging to eat this dish with plastic fork and spoon, usually. But, the chicken is moist and tender making it easy to cut without breaking. I like it with loads of cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatoes (Boy Boy loves cherry tomatoes too and chasing after them). A touch of lime on the chicken makes it more appetizing. Though its chilli is slightly salty for my liking, it’s okay as I don’t touch the chilli much. Comparing this to the one at Changi Food Centre, I would prefer this as the chicken is not dry.

3 out of 5 – Good. Can try again.

Rafee’s Corner (Since 1958)
Teh Tarik at S$0.80

7 Maxwell Road #02-85
Amoy Food Centre
PS. This stall serves real nice Halia Honey Lemon too!  😀 

My ex-boss is a big fan of this stall ever since I knew her. The stall owner is friendly and would customise the drinks to your needs. My favourites are teh halia and halia honey lemon drink.

4 out of 5 – Very Good.

After this meal, I need to walk alot again…



  1. I love Rafee’s tea. Very nice and strong 🙂

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