Posted by: hyacinthus | August 20, 2007

Buona Vista Duck Rice

I doubt anyone remembers the name of this restaurant or would think it’s from a restaurant. It’s commonly known as the Buona Vista Duck Rice. At S$3 per box I think. Can anyone remember how much is it now? 

I like boneless duck rice especially skinless duck meat on yam rice and with soup (cooked with duck meat). This teochew version comes with white rice. Mix it with their chilli too. Tastes good! 😉

3.5 out 5 – I would love to eat it again. 🙂



  1. what is the address of this duck rice stall?

  2. aiya. my picture not clear ah?

    The address is on the box in the first picture. 😀

  3. Di-Mana kedai ini?

  4. is it halal by any chance..?

  5. Hey! ate that before. it ‘s yummy, esp the sauce on it is fab! thumbs up.
    There s another new stall set up at Bedok Interchange Blk 216 market, forgot what’s the name le. Anyway, its near the malay stalls and it s the same as the south buona vista one. And it s cheaper too!! haha..

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