Posted by: hyacinthus | August 19, 2007

Award Winning Wah Lok Dim Sum

Look at the number of food awards this Cantonese restaurant at Carlton Hotel has garnered over the years! Definitely a good place for family gatherings and we had our lunch there today. A plus point – free parking and near City Hall MRT station! Pssst… Reservation is recommended. Otherwise, risk being seated outside the restaurant or wait longer than 30min (shorter if you are lucky) for a table. 😉

However, I was a bit unhappy about the service that I simply had to rant about it. No napkins even when we’ve asked for it twice. Was the business so good that they run out of napkins? I had to use my own tissue. 😦

Anyway, the mid-autumn festival is approaching in about a month’s time and they were already selling mooncakes. That’s why you see lanterns in this picture.

The menu and that’s the name of this restaurant.

The appetizer that costs S$3 per plate before taxes and service charge. Mock char siew (BBQ mock meat) and the long beans marinated with sugar, sesame and chilli were quite tasty.

特点-炸豆腐 or Fried Bean Curds (4 pieces of what is shown in the picture)
S$6.00 per plate

水晶鲜虾饺 or Steam Prawn Dumplings
S$4.80 per steamer

鹿肉锅贴 or Pan Fried Deer Meat Dumpling
S$8.00 per plate

炸两肠粉 or Dough Fritter “Cheong Fen”
S$5.00 per plate

叉烧肠粉 or Steamed BBQ Pork “Cheong Fen” – That’s what it’s called in the menu ;p
S$5.00 per plate

蒸蟹王烧卖 or Steam Meat Dumpling
S$4.00 per steamer

府皮卷 or Prawn Meat Beancurd Skin Wrap? Weird Translation! haha….
S$4.00 per plate

蒸罗卜糕 or Steam Carrot Cake (Recommended! Very soft.)
S$4.00 per bowl

波罗包 or Custard Bun
S$4.00 per plate

叉烧酥 or BBQ Pork Pastry
S$4.00 per plate

鱼翅灌汤饺 or Sharksfin Soup Dumpling with Assorted Meat
S$8.00 per bowl

PS. Sorry, I don’t have the receipt or menu. Thus, the prices listed here is only a guesstimate. 



  1. Some good looking food… Too bad I’m not in Singapore… From Malaysia 😉
    But we have some good Dim Sum here too… Yum.. Makes me hungry. =)

  2. Thank you! My family members had to wait for me to photograph the food before they could tuck in. So nice! I love them! 🙂

    I had some good Cantonese Dim Sum at JW Marriot KL a few years back.

    Not sure if I still have the pictures? hmmm…

  3. Wow very nice pics, great use of soft focus (or is that steam rising from the dim sum?)! I agree Wah Lok has some pretty nice dim sum. Too bad I hadn’t started blogging yet when I visited them.

  4. Thank you! heh… I tried to create the steamy effect using Photoshop. Glad you like it. 🙂

    Well, you can always go back to blog about it. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by and you have good pictures of food too on your blog. 🙂

  5. Ya, JW Marriot’s food is decent. You need to explore out of hotels though. Some food on the streets are good too, you just need to make sure they’re clean 🙂

  6. Any good recommendation? I believe KL should have many good Dim Sum places but I don’t have the luxury and time to try every single place in KL during my short trip. Also, eating too much dim sum can put on weight… ;p

    I used to buy a malaysia food mag ( and enjoy seeing all the interesting food reviews in there. Do you have a reputable site to recommend on good KL Dim Sum places? 🙂

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