Posted by: hyacinthus | August 18, 2007

I’ve finally tasted Donuts from donut Factory!

Yay! I’ve finaaally bought and tasted the donut Factory‘s donuts today! The wait was about 40min at the Raffles City branch. Not too bad. 🙂

But, I didn’t buy all 16 flavours. The thought of eating 16 assorted donuts turns me off! These were the 12 in my box for S$12.50.

What could be better than sharing the donuts with my family. 🙂

My verdict is 2.7 out of 5.

Not worth the time queueing for it again. Frankly, I would prefer it smaller too like Katong Mumsie’s Oven donuts.

Have you tried “Donut Factory Queue Challenge” yet? 😀

Edit: Never microwave your donuts for 8 min. Because they become hard and inedible! That’s what happened to the last 3 donuts. I got so sick of donuts that I doubt I’ll ever go near one in a long, long while.

Edit on 26 Aug 2007: Someone mentioned in flowerpod forum that I could have misread 8 sec on the box for 8min. In fact, I’ve tried microwaving for 8 sec initially. But, the donuts remained cold and hard. So, I tried 8min. 🙂

Read all my donut reviews here. 😉



  1. I was lucky, took me about 15min as it was a weekday:)

  2. hmmm… must be off-peak hours then. 😉

  3. 8mins?! i used to be a krispy kreme donut addict, the instructions were to microwave no more than 10secs. maybe its gotta to with the power of the microwave i.e 850W microwave takes longer than say 1250W

  4. lol… even 8 sec, the donuts were cold and hard.

    anyway, I won’t eat “dolled up” donuts again 😉

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