Posted by: hyacinthus | August 17, 2007

Grapes and Jellies from Meidi-ya

My best friend (of 20 years… well, almost) and I were out at Hooters for dinner last night to celebrate her birthday (in advance) . We were probably exhausted from daily work (and family) demands. No mood for shopping much. Instead, we walked around Clarke Quay and went to Singapore’s Meidi-ya supermarket before heading home at 9pm.

This is where Meidi-ya is located.

Meidiya Location

My favourite sections in the supermarket are exotic fruits and Japanese goodies.

Saw a box of kyoho grapes that was priced at S$75! Being curious of its value and taste, I bought a smaller bunch of the same grapes for S$15.50 a box. The best part of the grape is the pulp, which is very soft and has a sweet lingering fragrance. Every grape has only one seed. I didn’t like the skin as it leaves a bitter aftertaste. Read from wiki that its skin is traditionally not eaten. About the sweet fragrance, it reminds me of Japanese grape jelly sweet.

Japanese Grapes

Edit on 30 Aug 2007: I bought similar Kyoho grapes but it’s seedless at S$11 from a fruit shop at 8 Empress Road.

See how the pulp and skin can be separated easily.

While paying for the grapes, a guy in front of me paid S$35 for these jellies! I was curious and went back to the shelves to buy them – Mango with Nata De Coco and Orange for S$2.85 each. Mango with Nata De Coco jelly was okay but mango slices were not evident in the jelly. The orange jelly had many sweet juicy orange slices in it. The company that produces the jellies is call Tarami.

Japanese Jelly

Look at the juicy slices of oranges!



  1. Amazing! Thanks for the informative post!

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