Posted by: hyacinthus | August 13, 2007


The weather’s so blazing hot. It kills my appetite!

I wish there’s a bowl of cold soba with fresh salmon now.

Instead of going for my lunch, I made this with playdoh clay.

Used Brown, Yellow and Pink!

It’s my first time playing with playdoh. Can you believe it? It doesn’t feel sticky like those plasticine used when I was in primary school. Smells nice. 🙂

Come to think of it. How to remove the cracks in my shroomy? 

Which photoshopped shroomy do you like? 🙂






  1. ooohhh… yr shroomy looks so cute… wat curious looking eyes it has 🙂

    anyway, i remembered playing a lot with playdoh when i was much younger… use to have tis playdoh ‘machine’ tat could make burgers, fries and even milk shake! ha ha… it was so much fun and its not yucky on the fingers making cleaning up easy…

  2. Lucky you!

    My parents do not indulge us with toys. I use my own imagination to create “toys”. Can you imagine playing with paper people, clothes, money and food? I drew and cut them! Using video and cassette tapes then to build “condos” and “houses”. It was paper SIM city. Crazy, isn’t it?

    From your blog, I believe you have great talent for baking.

    Would you bake shroomies for me and post on your blog, please? 🙂

  3. ha ha.. but i guess tats why u r so creative now – it shows from the interesting pictures that you take 😉

    bake shroomies? hhmm, tats gonna b a challenge. would luv to take in on n try.

  4. Nice looking shroomie. Looks like one of those desserts that Swensen’s specially makes for birthday parties:) BTW, ehere did you get those eyes from?



  5. Hyacinthus, to remove cracks, put a little play-doh on top of the cracks, make sure that your shroomy is stabalized ( I found this out the hard way 😦 ) , then gently smear the playdoh over the crack.



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