Posted by: hyacinthus | August 9, 2007


LoversJust completed Lovers.

Love it.

I like the story and male lead’s character in the show. Initially, I didn’t quite like the male lead. Somewhat, he became more charming as the story develops. Some scenes warmed my heart e.g. when he held Jung Eun’s hand on the gear stick while driving.

(Cast and Summary extracted from
Kim Jung Eun (Lovers in Paris), Lee Seo Jin (Phoenix), Kim Kyu Ri, Jung Chan, Lee Han

Yoon Mi Joo (KJE) a pragmatic and cheerful plastic surgeon meets Ha Kang Jae (LSJ) a mafia leader who is tough on the outside but vulnerable inside at a chance meeting in Hainan Island. After he got injured and received treatment from her, they get closer and start falling in love. Sae Yeon (JC) is Kang Jae’s stepbrother and he is always competing with Kang Jae for their father’s trust and attention. He also has his sights set on Mi Joo, thinking that he deserves her more than Kang Jae. On the other hand, Kang Jae has a long-time girlfriend Yoo Jin (KKR) a bakery owner who is an innocent woman worrying about her lover’s safety and health only.


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