Posted by: hyacinthus | July 20, 2007

What a Hectic Week!

Monday – Thursday
It started okay till email was down due to power outage. All emails sent / cleared on Monday morning were lost! Only emails received / sent till last Sunday were restored. 😦

Then, we were told to do a SWOT on our department when we were already up to our neck. Anyway, just do it!

The rest of the week was madhouse. Many adhoc tasks and very draining people simply tired me out end of every day. How I dread seeing their faces even in my dreams! *faint*

With Ministry of National Development‘s announcement to increase development charges, it affected the stock market movement. So glad that the impact was not too great. Phew!

TGIF. I was dealing with people issues and next week’s meeting papers the whole day. Stayed till 7pm. Really tired and I could hardly open my eyes. Glad someone gave me some tiramisu to pep me up a bit. Brought my notebook back. Guess I’ll continue on Sunday. I need a break tomorrow. *Yawn*


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