Posted by: hyacinthus | July 12, 2007

Taking Stock from Time to Time

I read with interest of this reprinted article in CATS recruit today. Here’s a quick list and I smiled at point 6. It’s not easy to avoid if they are your team members. Perhaps, I am a VDP at times too. hah.

  1. Set Realistic Goals (don’t overwhelm yourself with too many)
  2. Focus on your Health (exercise regularly, eat well and go for regular check ups)
  3. Invest in personal development (read, listen and participate actively)
  4. Know your priorities (helps you to focus the time spent)
  5. Eliminate Time Robbers (control time)
  6. Stick to VIPs (Very Inspiring People) and eliminate VDP (Very Draining People)
  7. Plan Your Next Holiday
  8. Make Time for Those you care about
  9. Create a daily “Attitude” to do list (be positive and be a VIP yourself)
  10. Choose to be Amazing (start the day being positive)

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