Posted by: hyacinthus | July 11, 2007

KFC Delivery Service :(

We had KFC for lunch in office today.

Bad idea.

Took us 45 min to get through the new hotline. The delivery was an hour late cos someone wheel-clamped the KFC delivery bike (for goodness sake! Why would anyone wheel-clamp a delivery bike? I think the delivery men/women had a really tough job.)

What really made us mad was that we had to call several times to check. I felt we should be informed earlier of the issue.

Service – it all starts from heart.


Edit on 23 Aug 2007: I have many hits on this entry. The number for Singapore KFC delivery hotline is +65 62226111. If anyone knows your country’s KFC delivery hotline, please post it in “Comments” at the bottom of this page so that it would help those who have landed on this entry, unwittingly. 🙂



  1. hey.. juz dropping by.. tot of making an order today.. googled kfc delivery to read the TOC and stuff lahz.. then saw ur link too.. haha so i think i’m going to place my order one hour earlier b4 my break la.. Oh Yeah, By the way, I juz came back from egypt.. And The kfc’s home delivery number is 19019. one-nine-zero-one-nine.. peace out..

  2. their number is so short!

  3. hey guys.dont think that their delivery job is so easy.there is a big story behind of every orders.
    you all should appreciatte and stop complaining…

  4. hi dear sir i need job for in japan kfc.but i m now in qatar kfc in bike delivery.but i wanna came to in japan.if u chance to me i wanna work in japan kfc.

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