Posted by: hyacinthus | July 10, 2007

Work = Life?

Someone I know is working almost 7 days a week non-stop. I am worried for him and his health.

To him, work = life.

To me, work is to sustain my lifestyle.

How can I help to make him realise work is not equal to life?



  1. what work does he do?

    what work do you do?

    if you work only to sustain your lifestyle (aka spend all your income), then i guess he (i’m guessing he’s your bf and future husband) has to be the one to make enough money for your financially secure future together. have you ever thought about that? maybe that is why he’s working 7 days a week.

    i feel sorry for him.

  2. *laugh*

    I am afraid your assumptions are all wrong.

    I earn and use my own money. My savings are in the form of postgraduate certifications, stocks, property and insurance. 🙂

    But, I do feel sorry for him. He derives pleasure from his work challenges.

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